Assembling the 'Cat Punch' toy

Assembling the 'Cat Punch' toy

As complicated as it looks when it arrives, it actually only takes about 15 minutes to assemble. Here are instructions on how to assemble it:

Components: (1) Body, (2) Side Boards, (5) Levers, (3) Large Paws, (2) Small Paws, (5) Plastic Rivets, rubber bands

Step 1: Detach all parts

Step 2: Prepare the levers and attach rivets to the small holes in levers and hang rubber bands on the rivets

Step 3: Now put the lever and the paw inside the box like this

Step 4: Pull out the rubber band and hang on a cardboard at the front-bottom.
Just do it again for others

Step 5: Place the side panels to complete the box!

And now, enjoy the fruits of your labour!

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