Assembling the 'Cat Punch' toy

Product Assembly -

Assembling the 'Cat Punch' toy

As complicated as it looks when it arrives, it actually only takes about 15 minutes to assemble. Here are instructions on how to assemble it:

Components: (1) Body, (2) Side Boards, (5) Levers, (3) Large Paws, (2) Small Paws, (5) Plastic Rivets, rubber bands

Step 1: Detach all parts

Step 2: Prepare the levers and attach rivets to the small holes in levers and hang rubber bands on the rivets

Step 3: Now put the lever and the paw inside the box like this

Step 4: Pull out the rubber band and hang on a cardboard at the front-bottom.
Just do it again for others

Step 5: Place the side panels to complete the box!

And now, enjoy the fruits of your labour!

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