Cats and their messy water bowl habits...

Cats and their messy water bowl habits...

Meet resident SquishBean, Astrid, the Maine Coon

Resident SquishBean, Astrid

Now what I'm going to tell you next is likely to shock you, because trust me I get it, look at that beautiful face, this darling couldn't possible do anything naughty. But my gosh you would not believe the terror this fluffy demon has brought down on our home over the last few months.

"Lies!" I hear you yell in chorus. Well, why don't you take a seat and let me tell you about Astrid our resident SquishBean.

Astrid has a thing about water. When I say she has a thing about water, don't start imagining her doing the backstroke in the bathtub. What I actually mean is that she has a habit of spilling her drinking water just about everywhere. Like any normal cat owner, we spent a fortune, shelling out on some beautiful cat bowls to display her water. Unfortunately, Astrid liked to test the water before drinking, by placing her foot against the side of the bowl and flipping it. This went on for a while before we feared that she would run out of water when we weren't home and god forbid have some sort of fit from dehydration. 

Our next step was to buy another awesome devise that refills the water bowl with a sort of upside down bottle of water. This was great, we loved this as the bottle of water was far too heavy for Astrid to flip anymore. Problem solved right? Guess again. We soon discovered that this did a great job until the bottle was about half full, and then when Astrid tried her usual tactics, she instead dragged the water bowl around the kitchen floor, leaving a river in her wake.

We headed to Google, because, what else do you do at this point? So, we headed to google and found that the 'cat putting their foot in their water bowl' thing could have something to do with her whiskers and the size of the bowl. We didn't have a bigger bowl, and I'll be damned if I was going to leave down those other bowls until we found one, so I'll tell you what we used instead and it looked a little something like this...

Casserole dish

It was a china casserole dish. My SquishBeans were the poshes kitties in town, drinking out of their china, thank you very much. So, a big bowl meant lots of water, lots of space and the china was wayyyy too heavy for her to drag around the kitchen. Yay, sorted right?!


Astrid found a fun knew way to flood the kitchen...

Cat kicking water bowl

This is when we were blessed with a windfall. A water fountain for cats.

I don't honestly remember where I saw it, maybe Instagram or Facebook or something, but I went in search of a it immediately. For a moment I did think, 'Really? I'm going to get them a electric fountain with a charcoal filter, these cats are drinking better than I am'. But, don't forget, the last bowl they had was China so, yeah I didn't think too long on that one.

And, it worked! Something about the running water coming from a little flower on the top was enough to stop my kitchen floor becoming Astrid's personal swamp. She stopped trying to flip, drag and swim through the bowl and our prayers were finally answered.

The fountain runs off the mains and has a large basin, and filter to keep the water fresh and clean for the cats. I re-fill/clean it out every 4-5 days maybe, so honestly its so easy. The real win here is that I can stop mopping so regularly, woop woop!

Now, I'm not saying this will work for you, this is just the process we went through before we found success. But my gosh has this been worth it for us. If you're interested, we sell a automatic filtered drinking fountain for a crazy cheap price (and if you've read my previous post on shipping, you'll understand this is because our suppliers are all over the world).


**Special thanks to our other resident SquishBean, Lennox, who proceeded to drink from all water bowls we gave her through trial and error, without any issues**

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