SquishBeans Top 5 Fluffy Cats!

SquishBeans Top 5 Fluffy Cats!

 So Fluffy I'm gonna die

For those who know me well, you'll know that I'm a fan of fluffy cats. I mean, who doesn't like to run their fingers through the soft fur? And honestly those long luxurious tail fluff bouncing around behind them like Squirrels tails is the cutest! For me, coming up with a list of awesome cats is easy, but narrowing down the fluffiest munchkins is soooo difficult, lets not put them in order of which is best, this however is my list of 5 of the fluffiest cats...

Maine Coon

1. Maine Coon
I mean, look at the majesty of the fluffy! But maybe I'm a little biased as my youngest is a Maine Coon.

2. Ragdoll
They are genuinely beautiful cats and those eyes, oh my gosh!

3. Birman
The thing I love about Birman's is the blocky colours, how sweet are those leg warmers?!

Norwegian Forest Cat
4. Norwegian Forest Cat
There is something very wild about Norwegian Forest Cats, they remind me so much of their bigger ancestors, I imagine it would be like having a lynx as a member of the family.

Persian Cat
5. Persian Cat
Did you know the traditional Persian Cat is nicknamed Doll face? They have the chubbiest cheeks and the sweetest little face's, I can totally see it.

Long haired cats are the best, but when it comes down to grooming, a lot of attention is required. Unlike their short haired cousins, they need to be brushed several times a week, or you will quickly find yourself with the scissors cutting out mats of fur. If your furry baby is a struggler when it comes to brushing out their locks, the Deshedding Glove can make a huge difference. To your furbaby it just feels like you're giving them a nice stroke with this none aggressive glove, but the amount of shedded fur that comes off with it is insane.

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