Top 7 Weird and Wonderful Cat Beds

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Top 7 Weird and Wonderful Cat Beds

I've got a thing about crazy cat beds. Maybe its something to do with expression or my humor, but I love placing cats in funny environments. I mean clearly they don't get how hilarious they look, all they care about is how comfy they are and the fact that you've given them some treats just to lead them to the comfy bed. Nevertheless, it's awesome. So if I'm going to get something crazy for my cats one of the things I'll look at is beds. Here are my Top 7 Weird and Wonderful Cat Beds, in no particular order of preference.


Cat Juice Box Bed

 1. Juice Box Cat Bed
All cats love cardboard boxes, so the next step up of course was going to be a juice carton, because I mean, why not?



KittyCat Car Bed

2. KittyCat Car Bed
Who doesn't want to pretend their cat is driving their own miniature sports car?!



Banana Cat Bed

3. Banana Cat Bed
Banana Cat Bed anybody? Clearly this cat is too cool for school.


Cat TV Bed

4. Cardboard TV Cat House
Standby for important Cat News! And the hilarity ensues...



Crocodile Cat Bed

5. Crocodile Cat Bed
I mean, the cat is literally sat inside the crocodiles mouth, shock horror! But its ok, only the kitty is real in this photo.



Pumpkin Cat Bed

6. Pumpkin Cat Bed
Cinderella will go to the ball! This gives me magical feels.




Cat Mouse Bed

7. Mouse Bed
Continuing with the Cinderella theme, would this be Jaq or Gus?


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